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Projects in Production

Welcome to the hub of BDPEG. Our goal is empowerment & inclusivity. Our productions include films, series, podcasts & books that encompass our message! Here... if it moves we'll film it and if it makes noise we'll record it!


Check out the current projects that we're working on, below!


This limited podcast series is an immersive legal drama. There is drama stirring in the law offices of the Wright Firm. With these these high powered defense attorneys now representing huge stars, they're always on the lookout for an opportunity to make money, even if it's the wrong way. The Wright Firm is riddled with scandal and deception. You won't want to miss a beat. 


"BossLady" is a limited podcast series about the untold story of a lady boss who parlayed street riches into a billion dollar empire. Through her failures and successes, she's built a company capable of standing up to any other big business in corporate America.


This piece is sure to intrigue and entertain those listeners who love historical fiction.

Memoirs BossLady podcast cover 1980s.jpg

Ever heard of "The Hip Hop Horror Flick"?

It was a short play performed on stage (where?) in 2015. In 2018, that story became one of three horror tales included the book "Purple Haze."


Confidentials (available on Amazon).

Purple Haze confidential art1.png

This witty TV show is about three women of color (aka the Divas) who are living their “15 minutes of fame” live and for the world to see. Well... to see all of their all of their secrets, flaws and insecurities
come pouring out. These women are the unedited realities of wives, girlfriends, moms, bosses and sometimes all of the above. Think Working Wives of Rodeo Drive! 

Divas fist pic2_edited.jpg

Conversations of a Black Life MISUNDERSTOOD is a podcast dedicated to people of color who feel their#BlackLivesMatter  but more often than not feel misunderstood Here's the platform to "set the record straight." We have special guests speak their truths and tell their stories through music, poetry, conversations and more. 


 Racism, police brutality, art, love & war.

Screen Shot 2021-02-25 at 12.51.09.png


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